Frank Santana

Hi my name is Frank Santana, owner and trainer at Fit Image Personal Training Studio. 

Unlike standard gym memberships, Fit Image offers a unique one-on-one studio where the focus is on you. Our strengths include developing programs for performance enhancement, weight loss, golf fitness, group fitness and correcting muscular imbalances. This is accomplished by creating a dynamic program which focuses on functional strength training, core stabilization, cardiovascular endurance, balance, & flexibility for optimum physical fitness.

I have worked hard to establish Fit Image as the place to go for functional movement testing and corrective exercises. We offer physical fitness programs to match anyone's current fitness level. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or just new to fitness, our staff of personal trainers can develop an exercise program to suit you.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and the service and value we offer the people who have trusted their health and fitness to us.


Gladstone's Fit Image Help Clients Alleviate Back Pain

“Of all of the things I do here and the situations I see, the number one issue people have is with their lower back." - Frank Santana