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Golf Fitness


Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is the leader in golf specific fitness. They have spent over a decade researching the most common swing faults and their body-related causes. Then they developed the most comprehensive exercise program available to address these physical limitations.

Just because you are unaware of how your body is holding you back doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

Some of the ways that your body interferes with your game include:

  • Poor strength and flexibility
  • Past injuries
  • Fatigue, lack of cardiovascular endurance

How can we help to ensure that your body is not holding you back?

First, we test. A combination of TPI golf specific tests and a Functional Movement Screening help us determine your physical limitations and how they are holding you back from achieving your best. Next, a swing analysis to see how your body moves during your golf swing. And finally, a fitness program designed specifically for you.

Fitness truly is the foundation of your swing and improving your game truly depends on it.

If you are serious about Mastering the Game and shooting lower scores, give us a call or stop in to set up an appointment - get started today! With one of our Certified Personal Trainers wether your goal is weight loss or golf fitness instruction we can help you. If you prefer one on one training or group fitness we can accomodate you. Call us today and see what Fit Image Personal Training Studio can do for you.